Blockchain Will Revolutionize Marketing — Are You Prepared?


“We want to create “radical impact”, as we like to call it: create access to better quality coffee than the one sold by the leading multinationals and make sure that the people growing our coffee make a better living by bringing value-adding activities back to their countries. But how do we measure and show what we actually do with Moyee?” said Guido van Staveren van Dijk, CEO of Moyee Coffee, describing one of the key challenges his company is facing. The project Moyee has been working on together with the Fairchain Foundation and bext360 since November 2017 will be an example for many companies taking their societal role — their purpose beyond profit — seriously.

Enhanced Security

Blockchain, for most people, is still mainly known because of its use in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. But it has the potential to drastically change business practices when used in other applications. Moyee, for example, is using blockchain to capture all of the transactions linked to its coffee supply chain, from farmer to store. Using a simple phone, every single transaction in the value chain can be digitally assigned a unique code — a block — that is stored on so many different servers around the globe that all information linked to that specific block is secure and tamperproof. Nobody can change any information about that specific transaction without it being noted.

Every transaction or activity in the value chain following the previous one is assigned a different block, which contains all of the information of the previous blocks in sequence — hence the name blockchain. When a product is ready, the blockchain that belongs to that specific consumer-unit provides the exact, true and untampered information of all transactional activities that led to the end-product.

Greater Visibility

“Blockchain already allows us to see exactly what the price is that each farmer, selling us his coffee, makes. When we made it work, I was in our offices in Amsterdam. Suddenly, we could see every single contribution we made to the lives of our supplying farmers. I literally had tears in my eyes,” van Staveren van Dijk said. (…)

Robert Schermers

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