A New Age of Corporate Responsibility is Upon Us


Only a quarter into 2018 and it’s already been an incredible year for corporate responsibility across many fronts. Protests, boycotts and calls-to-action from the grassroots to the C-Suite level indicate that a new playing field is being built:

In the workplace: Equal pay and human rights protections are being vehemently fought for across industries and professional settings, as most recently represented by the #MeToo movement.

On Wall Street: BlackRock’s Larry Fink notified CEOs that their companies must contribute to society while achieving positive financial performance and Yahoo! Finance recently made ESG (environmental, social and governance) scores on more than 2,000 publicly traded companies available to retail investors.

In the marketplace: There are countless examples that illustrate how customers and investors, more than ever before, want to know what their dollars support, how their products were made and how they can be disposed of – even if the impact is distant from the product or service itself.

It is a fascinating time to be a corporate responsibility practitioner, because with these social and environmental movements gaining energy, credibility and authority, many CEOs are unsure how to respond, how to act and, most importantly, how to change. Some even still wonder if they need to change. The answer, largely, is yes. Regardless if that change happens quickly or slowly, it needs to be strategic and thoughtful, make sense for the business and be accompanied by strategic and thoughtful communications.

Corporations often talk about culture and values, but do their actions align with their aspirations? While “responsibility” and “sustainability” can seem intangible to many corporate leaders, there are tools and methods that can provide concrete insights and drive action to help companies meet ESG goals while maintaining or even improving financial performance. (…)

Jane P. Madden

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