Intelligent air pollution meters and smart cameras


Take aways, inspirations and learning from URBACT by the city of Miskolc (HU)

Around 2010 an important paradigm-shift has taken place in the mind-set of city managers, policy makers and industry leaders. Cities realized that building sustainable systems needs to include industry and technology providers to a far greater extent than originally thought. At the same time, the digital revolution made it actually possible to maximize efficiency of urban systems by linking clean technologies, infrastructures, city operators and citizens through smart devices and intelligent services. Businesses identified cities and urban environments as massive new markets and started to introduce apparently tailor-made solutions for the connected and digital city. Data-driven processes are now improving our urban mobility systems and increasingly decentralized energy flows. They help city authorities to take better decisions, save money and have the potential to connect to their communities on a real-time basis. Taken together, this shift of paradigm is the smart city!

These statements introduce the base-line report of the SmartImpact project. The partnership led by the City of Manchester, England comprises cities from Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Sweden and the Netherlands as well as Miskolc from Hungary. Recently the city presented their plans during the conference entitled “Smart solutions in the everyday life of a city”.

We asked Árpád Horánszky, urban development expert of Miskolc and coordinator of the project about his experience from the participation in the URBACT program. (…)

Mariann Majorné Venn

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